Commercial grade products for your business from Australia’s leading supplier

The art of Yoyisi

At Yoyisi bouncy castle factory for NZ, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Bounce Houses available on the market. Our team of experts use their decades of experience combined with strict Australian standards to ensure your happiness and safety every step of the way. Furthermore, we double down on our commitment to service by offering incredible convenience. Delivery, setup, even door-to-door transport if needed.

We follow strict standard practice from designing till the final outcome of the product . Therefore you won’t find here anything we’re not willing to do to make your inflatable dream come to life . So that you can see the World Jump with us!

Get More Than What You Were Lookingfor

Are you searching for something unique, carefully crafted just for your desires? Look no further, because with our tailored products we’ve got you covered! Not only can you completely brand them with your business’ logo and color choices when available, but it’ll be invaluable in promoting your brand. That’s why we strongly recommend that you consider getting customized products for absolutely no cost to you! Plus, with each purchase you get accessories such as repair kits, pegs and tarps…without spending a penny more! So why wait? Get customizing today!



    We’ve been purchasing our products from yoyisi factory over a decade now . As the Australia’s leading supplier for commercial grade inflatables . We endorse this company and stand by their quality .

    David Doherty - Owner AI Australia

    All our products were made from youyisi factory . and we’ve been dealing with them over 5 years . The quality and longevity of the products helped us with ROI more . We are still using some of the products we bought from them 5 years ago .

    I Shamim - Owner Kiwi bouncing

    We are so lucky we found this factory . When we first took over the business We had no odea where to buy new products . But previous owners recommend yoyisi factory . We were so glad it was all standard and hassle free .

    Maria - Owner Bounce Kumeu

    Why Australian standard is important when buy bouncy castles in New Zealand

    When it comes to ensuring the safety of children, it is essential to invest in high-quality inflatable amusement rides. Fortunately, New Zealand and Australia share the same standards for such products, making it easy for consumers to confidently purchase products manufactured in either country. At our company, we have not only developed these safety standards over the past decade but have also refined our manufacturing technologies to produce products that are designed to last.

    Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there; we offer our products at a fraction of the cost you would find in your local area, and we guarantee that they’ll last for more than the two-year warranty period. This means that you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a great return on your investment, as well as great value for your money.

    How the bouncy castles developed over time

    The invention of the jumping bag by John Scurlock revolutionized the inflatable amusement ride industry, and our company is dedicated to continuously developing our technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We believe that every customer is unique and that’s why we offer tailored plans to suit your specific business needs.

    Investing in our high-quality products means that you’re investing in the safety and enjoyment of children everywhere. We understand the importance of ensuring that our products are safe, durable, and of high-quality, and that’s why we take our manufacturing process seriously.

    Not Only Just A Bouncy Castle Factory

    In addition, our company is committed to being environmentally friendly. We use materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, and safe for the environment, and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

    At our company, we believe that innovation and quality go hand in hand, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and manufacturing processes. We understand that our customers’ needs are constantly changing, and we’re here to help you navigate those changes by offering customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

    Time To Make Your Decision Soon

    In conclusion, our commitment to safety, quality, and innovation has made us a leader in the inflatable amusement ride industry. Our products are not only safe, durable, and of high-quality, but they’re also affordable and environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in learning more about our products or discussing a tailored plan to suit your business needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.