Surprise and Delight with a Commercial Grade Water Slide from Yoyisi inflatables

Surprise and Delight with a Commercial Grade Water Slide from Yoyisi inflatables

Are you looking for a thrilling way to add some excitement to your business or family gathering? Look no further than a commercial grade water slide from Yoyisi Inflatables! Whether you’re after an adventure-filled ride down the long corkscrews and curvy twists of New Zealand’s best water slides or prefer to take your time exploring the fun of zip-lines, wave pools, splash pads and more – Yoyisi has something perfect for everyone. Our robust and reliable inflatable products offer the perfect combination of innovation and excitement sure to surprise and delight all summer long.

We understand that when it comes to safety, nothing should be taken lightly. All our water slides and inflatables are made with the highest quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring a safe and secure experience for everyone involved. From the little ones looking to cool off on a hot summer day to thrill-seekers searching for an adrenaline rush – Yoyisi has something for everyone. With products manufactured from top grade UV stabilized vinyls, you can trust our products to provide long lasting fun in all season’s weather conditions.

Ready to add some excitement to your next event? Browse through our wide selection of commercial grade water slides today and find the perfect fit for your needs! With easy setup, superior craftsmanship and unbeatable customer

Welcome to Yoyisi Inflatables – the leading provider of commercial grade water slides in New Zealand

Welcome to Yoyisi Inflatables, where we strive to provide the most thrilling and exhilarating commercial grade water slides in all of New Zealand! As the leading provider, we take immense pride in ensuring that each slide is designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Our team of experts are always pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology, so you can rest assured that your experience with us will be nothing short of extraordinary. So, whether you’re looking for a heart-racing adrenaline rush or a fun-filled day with family and friends, come and discover the wonder and excitement of Yoyisi Inflatables!

Make a Splash with our Long Corkscrew and Curvy Twist Water Slides

“Are you ready to make a splash like no other? Our water park is taking the plunge with our newest attractions – the Long Corkscrew and Curvy Twist Water Slides. With these thrilling rides, you’ll experience twists and turns that will have your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. Therefore when it comes to water slides in NZ we are the first choice comes to your mind. Our state-of-the-art technology and innovative design will give you a ride like no other. These one-of-a-kind slides are not for the faint of heart, but for the brave and adventurous. Are you ready to join us in taking the plunge and making a splash? Don’t wait – come visit us today and experience the ultimate rush of the Long Corkscrew and Curvy Twist Water Slides.”

Ride a Wave with our Wave Pool and Lazy River Inflatables

Welcome to our thrilling wave pool and lazy river inflatables, where you can experience an adrenaline-fueled ride and escape from daily mundane tasks. It’s a perfect opportunity to catch a wave and immerse yourself in an aquatic adventure that will leave you feeling invigorated. Our wave pool creates swells up to 4 foot high, so you can experience the thrill of the ocean without leaving your city. And if you’re seeking a more leisurely pace, our lazy river inflatables are the perfect choice. You can effortlessly float along and let the current lead you on a relaxing journey. Come join us for a day of excitement, and let our wave pool and lazy river inflatables take you on a ride you won’t forget!

High Speed Fun with our Zip-Lines and Water Coasters

Welcome to the thrilling world of high-speed fun! Our zip-lines and water coasters will take you on a wild ride that will leave you exhilarated and wanting more. Imagine soaring through the air at breakneck speeds, feeling the wind rushing past your face and the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Or hurtling down a water slide, twisting and turning with the water rushing all around you.We provide more insights and advise on this topic in out other blog post. This isn’t your average theme park ride – this is an experience that will push you to the limit and leave you breathless. So come on, let us take you to new heights and show you the meaning of high-speed fun.

Get Ready to Slide, Splash, and Soar – With Yoyisi Inflatables

Are you ready to take on the thrill of adventure? Then hop on board with Yoyisi Inflatables! These inflatables will have you sliding, splashing, and soaring your way to unforgettable memories. This is not your average water park ride, but an experience that caters to adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers alike. With Yoyisi Inflatables, prepare to have your senses ignited and your thirst for adventure quenched. So come on, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard and get ready to experience the ride of your life!

Create Lasting Memories at Yoyisi Inflatables – An Unforgettable Experience for Everyone!

At Yoyisi Inflatables, we don’t just offer a fun day out for you and your loved ones. We offer an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Our selection of inflatables is unparalleled, from giant slides to obstacle courses and everything in between. We believe in creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement that brings people together in a way that is truly special. Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday party idea or just a day of fun with friends, Yoyisi Inflatables is the perfect destination. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary – come join us and create lasting memories today!

With Yoyisi Inflatables, no matter your age or experience level you will find something to make lasting memories with. From curvy twists and long corkscrews to wave pools and zip-lines, you and your family can have an unforgettable water slide experience. We aim to provide a safe, fun environment for everyone! So get ready for some high-speed thrills while soaring through the air and sliding down wet slides – Yoyisi Inflatables is where unforgettable memories are made!